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LeAnn Conrad
Hello. I'm LeAnn Conrad.
Call LeAnn Conrad now for your Winona student housing. Affordable & Nice!

LeAnn Conrad is the best all the way around. She goes that extra mile every time.

Husband Bill Conrad & I just celebrated 20 years each of being your Winona landlord of choice. We take pride in sharing affordable and nice homes. Thank you for taking care of our homes and paying rent on time.

Raised in gorgeous, scenic Winona –I'm here to stay for life! Bill grew up in Wilmette, Illinois. Now Winona's been his home for over 30 years! He's spent more time here, than in Chicago-land.

Bill & I are both proud graduates of Winona State University. Bill also graduated from Winona's St. Mary's University. We are accounting majors.

As a former Realtor for 10 years and a former 12 year computer instructor at the MN State College Southeast Technical, I made buying a house and learning computers easy. You’ve come to expect great service and help in solving all of your “dilemmas”. Even longer, 20 years, I've devoted myself to providing you with affordable and nice Winona Student Housing- both rental houses and apartments. Over the last 5 years, my full time profession is to focus solely on our rentals. My goal is to keep our homes nice as well as affordable and to be your Winona landlord of choice. 

For 20 years, Bill's been proudly devoting himself to providing you with affordable and nice rentals too. He works alongside me day in and day out to make sure your home is in good working order. Bill is also bus driver for Winona's school district. 15 years already. Bill is still a driver's education "behind the wheel instructor" at United Driving School upon request. 13 years now. These days, his schedule is full keeping our homes in good shape. Thank goodness he has summers off from bus driving to push hard on all the rental projects that come up. Keeping homes in good order never happens by accident.

If you're looking for landlords who keep their homes nice and care, Bill and I are it. If you pay rent on time, take care of where you live, and move yourself out, we're looking for you. Background and credit checks required. Landlord pays for checks. Application supplied at showing. To sign lease, security deposit due within a week of showing. Security deposits vary based on each rental. Rent paid when you move in. Text five zero seven.450.1015 to set up a showing.

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P.S. The finest compliment I can ever receive is a referral from friends and customers. Thanks!

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LeAnn Conrad

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